Addon: Global term relabel

Note: This addon requires WooCommerce Product Table PRO v2.5.0+

Benefits of this addon

This addon can help you conveniently relabel the following items in the product table columns as well as the table navigation:

  • Categories
  • Attribute terms
  • Custom taxonomy terms
  • Tags

You can make the following changes:

  • Change the term text
  • Show an image for the term
  • Show a color icon for the term
  • Show a tooltip instead of the term
  • Style the relabeled term

How to use

To relabel any term, simply go to its wordpress settings page and you will find WooCommerce Product Table global term relabel options on that screen. Once you have added a relabel for the term on its settings page, the same relabel will appear across all product tables on your site.

For example, to adjust the relabel for a specific product category you would go to wp admin > products > categories > click on the category name you wish to edit.

Then you will be taken to the settings page of the category. Here you can use special relabel options generated by this addon to relabel the category across all product tables.

Note: The facility to convert the term into a tooltip is only available for terms when they are being displayed inside the table column. This facility is not available for term in the table navigation area.