Addon: Favorite products

With this addon your store visitors can select their favorite products and create a separate list of these products. The addon will remember all the favorite products for each visitor and when they return to the shop they can easily find their previous favorite products, as well as add to the list or remove items from their favorite list.

This makes it easy for your store visitors to keep track of their favorite items from your store. They can maintain a list of these products and modify it over time.

Favorite Products Addon Demo

See favorite product addons demo here →

Watch this demo video of selecting favorite products. And filtering by favorite products.

Advantages of favorite products addon

Having a favorite products option on your shop has several advantages:

  • Make it far more likely for prospective customers to return to your shop because they can easily find their favorite products instead of going to competitor stores and restarting the search process. Your shoppers will feel invested in your store and want to carry on shopping there.
  • Repeated exposure to their most favorite products from your shop pushes them to eventually purchase these favorite items.
  • As they see their favorite list grow shoppers are more inclined to explore your shop further to widen their favorites list.
  • The addon also has the option to require registration before a favorites list can be created. This provides you access to valuable prospective customer email addresses so you can build out your mailer list.

Features of this addon

  • Place an Add to Favorites button in your product table that visitor can click to add the product to their favorites list, or click again to remove.
  • Add to Favorites button also available on the single product page so visitors can add / remove products from favorites list from there as well.
  •  Create a product table that only shows all the favorite products of a visitor and display this table on any page of your site.
  • Shortcode to create a Favorites widget that shows your customers the number of products in their favorites list. It can also be linked to the page where they can find a product table with their favorite items.
  • Options to easily customize the styling of both buttons and shortcode widget.

Keep in mind that this is nowadays a standard expected e-commerce store feature. All major e-commerce stores have adopted this facility because of its major advantages so don’t have your shop left behind!

All addons require WooCommerce Product Table PRO (premium version) to be installed on your site first.