WooCommerce Product Table PRO

Get the PRO version!

Upgrade to take your product table catalog to the next level! Avail all the benefits of the PRO version to improve your product listing and increase your conversions.

One year license – includes PRO updates and priority support for ‘1 year’ for 1 site.

— OR —

Lifetime license – includes PRO updates and priority support for ‘lifetime’ for 1 site.

License information:

  • 1 license is required for each domain (website).
  • WCPT Lite tables remain safe during upgrade. Do not worry!
  • The plugin is not disabled even if license expires, it is yours for life.
  • The license is required for updates and support. You can renew it as well.
  • 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied!
  • License can be deactivated from development site and then re-activated on production site.
  • For any queries, please contact support for prompt response.

Other information for PRO version

Current version: 2.5.0

Don’t forget these powerful addons!

These addon plugins provide additional niche facilities for WooCommerce Product Table PRO that further improve the shopping experience on your site. Available at an introductory discount only for limited time!

Add to cart from quantity Add to cart from quantity

Helps customers quickly add products to their cart from the quantity input element itself. No need for the add to cart button. Customer just use the quantity element + / - buttons to adjust the product quantity they want in their cart.

Special benefits:

  • Make the purchase process faster and simpler for customers.
  • Premium UI increase appeal and confidence among visitors.

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Global term relabel Global term relabel

Instead of displaying just plain text for category, attribute, tag and taxonomy terms you can show icons, images, tooltips or change the text across all your tables simply by using new options provided in the term's settings page.

Special benefits:

  • Beautiful, visually appealing tables that are easy to understand.
  • Applies the relabel across all tables from one location.

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Purchase License for $25 →