Addon: Add to cart from quantity

Note: This addon requires WooCommerce Product Table PRO v2.5.0+


You can try out the facility for yourself on the addon demo page. Use the link below:

View the addon demo here →

How to use

  • First ensure you have installed and activated WooCommerce Product Table PRO on your site as well as this addon plugin WCPT Addon: Add to Cart from Quantity
  • Next, to enable the feature to directly add products to cart from the quantity element, add this to your product table shortcode: add_to_cart_from_quantity=”true”
  • For example:

[product_table id="123" add_to_cart_from_quantity="true"]

Once you have followed the above steps, you no longer need the Add to cart button in your product table. Customers can conveniently add products to their cart (or remove them) using the quantity element in the product table.

Video preview